Whiteford Warehouse

Family owned

Whiteford Warehouse has been open and family owned since 1975.


We specialize in costume warehousing needs. Weather you need to store your items and have them shipped out untouched. Or broken down and shipped via LTL. We cover it all.



Whiteford Warehouse is located on the East side of Joliet, IL 1 mile away from I80. We are also a hop away from Route 55 and Route 355.


What Whiteford Warehouse may lack in size we more than make up for in service. There are no extensions needed when you call us. The person that answers the phone, is the same person that handles your account. From invoicing, inventory management, receiving, and shipping out. There is no hold and transfering around to get your answer. The person that answers the phone is the person that has the answer for you.